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George's recommendations for different garden settings and conditions.

Need inspiration? In his book, George provides a wealth of helpful information and stunning images of plantings in various settings.  A must for water-wise gardeners. Order a New Image for Australian Plants today - click here!


Lullfitz Nursery specialises in the selection, development and commercial production of West Australian plants, for West Australian conditions.

Our nursery has the greatest endemic plant production capacity in Australia and we are the most experienced in growing West Australian plants.

We pride ourselves in contributing to the use and conservation of  West Australian flora and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your landscape plant production requirements.

Whether you are a home owner, landscape architect or a Shire Council, Lullfitz Nursery can assist you to identify the most suitable endemic plants to create a unique and spectacular area that will give years of enjoyment.

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Plant of the Month

Melaleuca fulgens "Apricot Delight"

Shrub to 2m;

Apricot bottlebrush flowers in spring;

Full sun to full shade;

Can be planted in all soils except limestone.



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