We are developing partnerships and networks with Shire Councils, community groups and individuals committed to the conservation of the local flora.

All these benefits are achievable in a garden of endemic plants - your garden will look superb, support wildlife, require little effort and give you vast enjoyment.  Why not get cracking!

Get value for money - endemic plants need no soil preparation, effort or costly maintenance once established.

Encourage wildlife - native gardens help our native fauna – superb birds in particular - to maintain a toehold in suburbia, for your pleasure. 

Eliminate boring gardens - why copy other gardens when we can create unique gardens full of our own spectacular plants.

Establish a unique sense of place – celebrate the wonderful proliferation of West Australian flora in your own garden – and create a tourism draw card in public places.

Join the trend - with better varieties of endemics, ugly scruff bags are a thing of the past.  With sensible selections and good design, you can have a spectacular garden - and encourage others to do the same!

Benefit from ‘survival of fittest’ - choose plants that are endemic to your region and create a low-maintenance garden to build on for years to come.

Minimise water use - endemic plants are drought tolerant and suited to our soils.  You can create the most water efficient form of gardening if you also install drip irrigation. Endemic plants should only need watering in the first summer - once established, the won't need watering again!

Help us to Help You - we can produce plants that have previously been unavailable - but that takes time.  Early orders will enable us to use our knowledge and production capacity to meet your requirements