Lullfitz Nursery utilizes a comprehensive range of modern propagation strategies.


Seed Propagation

  • We vacuum seed for the mass propagation of all seed types.
  • A specially trained team of employees ensures that seeds are prepared and sown at the right time of year.
  • We’ve establish good business relationships with reliable local seed collectors, ensuring that seed collected is fresh and the correct provenance.

Cutting Propagation

  • We have a large cutting propagation department and use custom made propagation mixes.
  • All our propagation media are steam pasteurized.
  • Our production capacity has capacity for over 1 million cuttings.
  • All of our propagation staff are trained and the highest levels of hygiene are observed.

Micro Propagation

  • Lullfitz Nursery pioneered the commercial application of micro-propagation techniques to WA flora and 20 years of research & development has resulted in the propagation of hundreds of species and selections of plants, many of which are considered difficult to propagate.
  • A substantive 20 year commitment to research & development has resulted in the capability to micro propagate a wide range of species.
  • The laboratory team has over 30 years of combined experience in research & development and the commercial application of plant tissue culture technology to the West Australian flora.
  • As well as refining conventional micropropagation techniques, in house developments include improvements in the areas of culture medium development, early embryo rescue techniques, somatic embryogenesis as well as rooting and acclimatization protocols.
  • The Wanneroo laboratory is responsible for establishing stable Stage 2 cultures that are bulked up in a number of accredited tissue laboratories overseas, prior to importing rooted micro cuttings back to the propagation nursery.