In the late 70s and early 80s, George Lullfitz appeared regularly on television, showcasing the best of WA's native flora for our Perth gardens. Here, he inspires gardeners throughout the seasons on how to plant, prune, and choose from what is available to suit your local garden.

Although the fashion may have dated, the information has not. Please enjoy and receive inspiration from the beauty of our local flora, and from George's ongoing efforts to promote their application in a range of situations and soil types.


Episode One

In this episode, George discusses Eucalypts of varying heights for many situations and soil types, including examples for limestone, clay and gravel.

Species of Eucalypts mentioned are : E.erythrocorys, E.woodwardii, E.tetraptera, E.preissiana, E.crucis, E.rhodantha, E.spathulata, E.ficifolia.

Aired on 24 June 1981


Episode Two

In this episode, George discusses planting, pruning and vase-picking a range of Winter/Spring flowering plants, with an example of combination-planting for a range of heights and full effect.

Varieties mentioned are Kunzea pulchella, Grevillea thelemanniana, Hypocalymma robustum 'Pink Myrtle', Hakea francisiana, Billardiera erubescens, Dryandra nobilis.

Aired on 24 June 1981


Episode Three

In this episode, George shows a colourful flowering display at a Summertime onsite Nursery Wildflower Show.

Varieties mentioned are: Calytrix, Melaleucas, Banksias, Adenanthos, Eremea, Nuytsia floribunda 'WA Christmas Tree', Verticordias, Kangaroo Paws, Hemiandra pungens.

Aired 03/12/1979


Episode Four


Episode Five

In this episode, George discusses Summer planting with a focus on Eucalypts ('Gum Trees') and Kangaroo Paws.  Other varieties he covers are: Banksias - B. prionotes, B. victorii, B. burdetti, B. hookeriana, B. baxterii, Eucalyptus erythrocorys 'Illyarrie', Euc. ficifolia 'Red Flowering Gum', Scaevola striata, Hemiandra pungens - a vigorous and drought tolerant ground cover, and Verticordia nitens.


Episode Six

In this episode, George discusses mid to late Summer flowering varieties, and cuttings.  Banksia media (2-3m, flowers nearly 6 months, all soils), Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon' (1m x 2-3m, from Qld, flowers all year) + pruning, Beaufortia squarrosa, Calytrix fraserii, Euc. krueseana - for attractive foliage, Billardiera pictus. 


Episode Seven


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Episode Eight

Autumn first rains being a good time to plant & sow seeds.

In this (Mother's Day!) Autumn/Winter episode, George discusses sowing seed of Everlastings.

For Autumn colour and foliage variety: Eucalyptus caesia 'Silver Princess', Kunzea baxterii, Acacia graphiana, Acacia iteaphylla, Melaleuca quinquenervia, Cassia artemisioides, Banksia ashbyi.

Aired 08/05/1980


Episode Nine

Seaside gardens: Salt winds and beach sand.

In this episode, George covers a good selection of plants on the beach flowering throughout winter.

Trees: Cas.equisetifolia 'Shingle Oak', Eucalyptus erythrocorys 'Illyarrie'.

A combination of Autumn to winter flowering varieties: Mel. heugelii 'Chenille Honey Myrtle', Templetonia retusa 'Cockie's Tongue', Acacia pulchella, Hardenbergia comptoniana 'Native Wisteria', Olearia axillare, Grevillea crithmifolia, Pimelia ferruginea, Grevillea thelemaniana, Kennedia nigricans.

Aired 17/07/1980


Episode Ten



Episode Eleven

In this episode, George dicusses some colourful West Australian Spring flowering varieties - including drying Everlastings (Heliptrum roseum), Wattles: Acacia lasiocarpa, Acacia truncata, Hardenbergia comptoniana - purple, white, pink, Boronia, Grevillea thelemaniana, Isopogan formosus, Grevillea nudiflora, Grevillea biternata, and Kunzea pulchella.